The pictures below are items I've previously crocheted. If you wish something made for you please contact me with your request and choice of colour.

Please note: The amigurmis are not recommended for children under 3yrs of age.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Made April 2011

Lilac/Purple bunny

2nd butterfly for Abby

Rocket for Ben

Sam the monkey

Ryan the monkey

Pink Flumplebee keyring

Red Flumplebee keyring
Yellow Flumplebee keyring
another stripy bunny

Butterfly for Abby

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  1. Hi, I have a friend who is in the Hospital with her baby boy right now, he had a head injury :( I really want to make her a toy for her boy to keep her spirits up. And I have been searching for the pattern of that bunny of yours the one with stripes, I understand it's in a Finnish or Swedish language so if I bought it I wouldn't understand it. I tried to find just that one pattern online so I could use google to translate it. Alas I came up empty. Is there any way you could contact me to help me find that pattern? Or may be you could write it out for me?